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Ancestral Healing Journey Part 1-Intro

What I am seeing in our culture at this time is a opportunity for deep healing of generational ancestral trauma and wounding. We are being shown the ways our ancestors have been treated, or treated others, and how some are still being treated unfairly hundreds of years later. We have the power to stop this cycle of pain, discrimination, suppression, inequality, hate, racism, manipulation of power, fear, greed, division and destruction etc in our community.

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The act of balancing on one foot in yoga class can inspire balance in the rest of our lives. While the breath and a focal point of concentration can assist us in posture, it’s the mind that really must let go of a particular outcome for balance on a deeper level, to occur. While in posture… Continue reading A BALANCING ACT

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Attachments & School of Life

Attachments & the School of Life by Lura Genz, ourinnersource. com Life can be compared to an enormous multileveled structure – a school-house filled with countless classrooms. Each classroom represents an intention - either acted upon or not acted upon. Some of the life lessons taught, and often re-taught, are mind-numbingly repetitive in nature. It… Continue reading Attachments & School of Life

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The power of NOW on mass consiousness

September 2007I feel something happening within the human race. Our thoughts weather they are negative or positive effect the plane of existence that we are on. While talking to some of my friends about their problems and there feelings of anxiety, anger, despair, hatred towards the world. I try to bring some positive in their… Continue reading The power of NOW on mass consiousness