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Ancestral Healing Journey Part 1-Intro

We are living in exciting times of opportunity for great amount of cultural healing, growth and change. In the United States we are being shown the injustices, trauma and wounding that have occurred with our ancestors, that we still haven’t healed from. We are being shown the ways our ancestors have treated others or have been treated unjustly and how some are still being treated today.  We have a choice to really let go and heal these wounds or keep going as we always have, passing these wounds down to future generations, repeating history.  To break this cycle we must be the change we want to see, and be the example for past and future generations. 

It starts with us individuals doing the inner work at transforming and releasing the trauma, anger, fear, hatred, greed, wounds from our childhood and our ancestors. When it is released it can transform our perceptions, and hate to understanding and forgiveness, division into connection and compassion, fear into love and support. When it’s transformed in us, it spreads to those around us, and our ancestors, children and rest of the community.

 Our emotions experiences beliefs environment create our lives and physical well-being and changes our cells, therefore our DNA and which can be passed down in our family trees. Our bodies gives us signs all the time about whats really going on, the emotional, mental energetic causes of physical symptoms. Are you listening? Are you listening to what is really being passed down to each generation?


We have a choice to really let go and heal these wounds or keep going as we always have repeating history generation after generation.We must be the change we want to see, and be the example for past and future generations. 

Over the last 12 years or so I been intensely working on myself and my own healing through varies modalities and practices and now its time work more deeply on some ancestral healing work.  I will be posting about the research I have done about this type of healing work and its benefits, and what kinds of things can be done.

I have realized this work really has been going on my entire life but was not conscious of it or didn’t have specific intention for healing at all.  Intention does make a difference on your focus, purpose and possibly the outcomes as well. I have no attachments to any specific outcomes and welcome it all, no matter how painful to look at. I know its all occurring perfectly to learn what is needed and to heal what is ready to be.

I will be looking in depth of my biological family and adopted family lines. I have done some research on such on the internet and hit many roadblocks which is taking me on a journey to other areas of the world. Their, I will be doing research and also doing shamanic healing rituals and journeys on the land areas where they lived, buried. My intention is to come to understanding of what their life was like. The traumas and wounds they may have had that was passed down the line, to do some healing work on that those who are open to receive a healing and release of such can.  As privacy, is a concern, I will not be specific when it comes to naming people in my family trees but perhaps some of the things i found out, where it leading me to go and do from what I found out.

Next month this journey will be taking me to the UK. The beginning of my trip will be in the same town in which some of my ancestors lived where i will be giving my services and receiving healing with soul family connections at Spirit fest.  After that doing some more focused work in that area on my family tree, then ending my trip with a shamanic gathering where i will be practicing with other healers near where some of my other ancestors lived and got married.

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