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Ancestral Healing Journey- Part 2

My first week in the UK  was on a farm the Clophill centre, in Bedfordhire England for the Spirit Festival. Spirit fest Uk is not like a typical campout festival where it’s a big party with live music. Spirit fest is considered a conscious festival. To me meaning there is certain awareness mindfulness on how unified we are, and the impact of our choices our thoughts beliefs actions and vibrational frequency has on our lives health an environment. The people at these festivals are usually yogi’s, healers, artists activist alternative lifestyle or hippies and really anyone looking to have a great experience in a new way with amazing people. There is live music, practices, workshops, art, activities, vendors and food  that assist with this.

The people at a these festivals are usually yogi’s, healers, artists, activist or what some may call hippies or those who love alternative lifestyles than typical rat race most people are in . These are people who are welcoming deep transformations healings connections in opening of a heart mind and body to find peace joy and raise their vibrations. These are friendly supportive non-judgemental people that are going on this journey with you and have a lot to give. The people at these festivals are usually yogi’s, healers, artists activist alternative lifestyle or really anyone looking to have a great experience in a new way with amazing people.


Festivals like this, have an awareness     that what we bring into our senses is food for the soul, so we must choose more mindfully on what we bring in cause it can assist us on our path and raise us up or damage us and bring us down.  The ancient practices, rituals and ceremonies  at festivals like this assist at clearing our stuff that gets in our way of transformation, growth and raising vibrational frequency.


These festivals have wonderful medicine music from different traditions all over the world. Medicine music meaning it’s medicine for the mind body and soul. The music has positive messages, opens up the heart mind and can take you on a journey within and beyond. This amazing music that just takes you on a journey and moves you. Festivals like this might have kirtan music, mantras chanted to music. To newcomers who never experienced kirtan before, this can be intimating or even negativity judge it cause it’s not understood.  It’s called Bhakti yoga devotional yoga and it can be the most powerful aspect of the practice. Even if you don’t know what the Sanskrit chants means it’s still helping you to clear your mind, open your heart and energy to connect more with the different aspects of the divine within yourself. It helps you to connect more with yourself, God and love by assisting in clearing away all the crap that prevents you from feeling it. We are basically singing about the different qualities of all the gods, goddesses ancestors in ancient sacred songs to recognize it in ourselves and others. It raises your vibration, to feel love peacefulness, joy, connection and unity. So next time you are exposed to mantras to music sing along, and dance feel what occurs after practing it for awhile.


Many festivals like this recognize the healing power of dance there is often workshops like dance mediation of ecstatic dance to connect with your self in ways you never thought you could. There is no need for alcohol or substances to dance in a safe space held in a non-judgemental atmosphere filled with love and support.

It’s the love and positive energy that people create out of doing the activities things being offered at these festivals that raises vibrations to be on a natural high. There is no need for unconscious use of recreational drugs or alcohol when you have that. Definitely recommend alcohol-free multi day camping festivals to raise your vibration open yourself up and expand your comfort zone and grow. I have developed a deep bond with people at these festivals because you’re going through transformational experiences together. It’s a wonderful community that gets built around festivals like this that are changing the world one person and event at a time. 

I had the honor of teaching 5 workshops and being on the crew of Spirit Fest UK. Teaching at festivals is not new to me but being behind the scenes more in-depth as well was. Spirit fest is small compared to similar festivals in USA but just as powerful and impact it has on people who go. It’s a Best kept secret in the UK. Spirit Fest was a wonderful way to start my trip and had amazing time giving back and being in the energy of love, high vibes joy, gratitude.  Highly recommend going next year. Some other festivals like this in USA, are unifier, lovelight, bhakti fest shakti fest, beloved, Forest dance, wanderlust, esthetic dance, and many more to discover. 

After a Spirit Fest I rented a car for the next part of my ancestral healing journey.  See part 3…

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