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Ancestral Healing Journey- Part 2

My first week in the UK  was on a farm the Clophill centre, in Bedfordhire England for the Spirit Festival. Spirit fest Uk is not like a typical campout festival where it's a big party with live music. Spirit fest is considered a conscious festival. To me meaning there is certain awareness mindfulness on how… Continue reading Ancestral Healing Journey- Part 2

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Ancestral Healing Journey Part 1-Intro

What I am seeing in our culture at this time is a opportunity for deep healing of generational ancestral trauma and wounding. We are being shown the ways our ancestors have been treated, or treated others, and how some are still being treated unfairly hundreds of years later. We have the power to stop this cycle of pain, discrimination, suppression, inequality, hate, racism, manipulation of power, fear, greed, division and destruction etc in our community.