Personal Therapies


A holistic approach to wellness is different than a medical approach. While the traditional medical approach sees you as body parts and often uses drugs, which usually doesn’t get to the cause of the illness. The holistic approach sees your body as a whole and that lifestyle, thoughts, emotions, experiences, and environment are connected to your physical health. When one practices holistic healing arts regularly one taps into the ancient wisdom of that modality and purify the issues within all aspects of ourselves, then true healing can occur and wellness can be sustained.

True healing takes time and cannot be rushed, there is no magic pill or modality that can instantly cure you of your diss-ease. A holistic approach often involves deep work on yourself for true lasting healing to occur. It may take a change in perception, breaking or patterns and belief systems that are hurting you, a change in lifestyle, detoxing of your mind-bodyspirit, and regular practice of modalities for true lasting healing to take place. Sacred Centers of Holistic Arts and Chakra Shaman can assist you with these things and be here for you every step of the way.

Health/Spiritual Coaching

Doing a cleanse/Detox and Need Support? Consider taking my clean up your life program. Coming soon! Until then get advice and coaching on doing a deep or gentle cleanse using food, herbs, and supplements, the chakra system as a map, and activities to cleanse your body mind, and energy of toxins, parasites, and issues in the tissues. $188 a week with one half hr phone or video calls per day, emails, and assignments to support you in your cleanse and unlimited text support.

Shamanic Therapies

Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and a way of life. Shamanism is not a belief system. It’s based on personal experiments conducted to heal and to get information. The teachings of shamanism focus on our connection to nature and promote the well-being of all creation. Essential aspects of shamanic life include journeying, ceremony, sacred dance, and pilgrimages to places of power in nature. Through these techniques, shamanism unifies our lives with strength, healing, and love.

A shaman is known as the “One who knows” or “seers”  because they are involved in a system of knowledge based on first-hand experience.  Someone who knows how to facilitate self-healing in others.  They often take on the role of a teacher, priest, spiritual healer, medicine person, or earth protector, to a community or tribe. They are often people who go into an altered state of consciousness to connect with the spiritual world to assist others in spiritual healing. They may go into this altered state of consciousness through a repetitive sound, chant or drum. They might also be considered a form of medium, intuitive, psychic, or seer. Through a change in consciousness, Shamans enter “non-ordinary” reality to request healing and advice from compassionate animals, humans, and other spirits. Spiritual healing is complementary to modern medicine, therapy, and training. Often it is the missing link, the wind in the sails that allows healing, recovery, and training to rapidly progress.

Nicole Petroff practices core shamanism, a distillation of shamanic practices which are common to many diverse cultures. The methods of core shamanism are practiced by modern shamanic healers throughout the world. In core shamanism, the shaman enters a shamanic state of consciousness by listening to rhythmic percussion. He or she then journeys to the world of spirits and connects with spirit allies for healing work. These spirits are available to help everyone, and the shaman’s role is often to reconnect clients with their helping spirits, restoring their personal power. 

Shamanic Reiki with Sound Healing Session- Chakra Shaman Nicole Petroff does a combined modality (Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Sound Healing) session. A Reiki session (see description below) where the shaman uses the sound of a rhythmic drum or rattle to merge with spirit helpers in the spiritual realm through a trancelike altered state of consciousness. Spirit guides, helpers, and ancestors of both the client and the shaman work through the shaman for the best and highest good of the client. An illness extraction, power animal retrieval, or soul retrieval may occur during the session if needed (see below for description). The session can be up to two hours. If a soul or power animal retrieval is needed a preparation of clients’ energy will be needed (extraction and chakra balancing) to bring in the soul or power animal which may occur in one or multiple sessions.

  • Illness Extraction/Shamanic Healing– Often illness has a spiritual component as well as a physical component. When people and animals are vulnerable and disempowered it is possible for entities that don’t belong to enter our bodies. These misplaced entities can cause persistent sickness, soreness, and other undesirable things. As a shaman one of my key functions is to work with my spirits to extract these misplaced entities and deliver them to a neutral place, where they can contribute to the overall good of things (instead of causing harm). This process is called extraction, and it is a very common healing activity in my work. The results are immediate and powerful. After an extraction, we always fill the space with a positive healing power of some kind.
  • Soul Retrieval/Shamanic Healing- Shamans believe that when a person suffers from a physical or psychological trauma a part(s) of the soul splits off and no longer contributes to the person’s whole being.  Instead, it stays fixed in the event, but in non-ordinary reality.  This dissociation is called soul loss, and it often results in loss of memory or a feeling of incompleteness. This disengagement makes it easier to survive traumas such as accidents, abuse, or emotional disturbances. Children can suffer soul loss from events that are traumatic to them but may seem trivial to adults. Soul loss can also occur when another person “holds” onto a part of us, and doesn’t let go. (An old lover perhaps.)

    Once the traumatic event is over complete healing can occur when the soul part(s) that is missing is returned. The shaman facilitates this event by journeying into non-ordinary reality and, with the help of spirit allies, finding the missing soul parts and bringing them back home. Then there is a period of integration, where the client gets to know the returned soul part(s) again, and together they work to heal the old wounds. This often takes several months.

  • Power Animal Retrieval/Shamanic Healing- All people and animals can enjoy the power, strength, and comfort of an alliance with a spiritual power animal. The spirits of wild animals work with shamans, guiding them through their journeys, giving advice, and performing healings. Often the first thing a modern shamanic healer does for a client retrieves a power animal for them. The person then bonds with the animal by honoring it in ordinary reality, visiting it during quiet meditation, and dancing in a way that lets the animal move through his or her limbs.  Domestic animals also benefit from power animal retrieval.

Initial 2hr Shamanic Reiki $222, includes sound healing, extraction, chakra balancing, and possible power animal or soul retrieval and 30 min follow-up spiritual counseling and at-home practices for integration.

45min-1hr Tune-Up Session one month and two months after the Initial 2hr Shamanic Reiki Session $88 each

If in financial hardship (unemployment or welfare) and still would like to receive this kind of work please contact me for more information on Sliding Scale options

Reiki Energy Therapy

Reiki is a Japanese word used to denote a healing process that involves the use of universal life force energy. “Rei” means spiritual consciousness which understands the person, their problems, the cause, and how to heal. “Kei” is the life force energy. When the life force energy of the individual is unbalanced, illness, pain, and dis-ease set in. Reiki Therapy balances life force energy in a physical, spiritual, and emotional level working on both symptoms as well as causes.

During a Reiki Therapy Session, the practitioner will use their hands above or gently on a fully clothed receiver to help balance the receiver’s own life force healing energy. Reiki Therapy Session is different for each person who receives it and can also be completely different per session. Many people experience the following: A deep sense of relaxation and peace, decreased pain, helps with digestion and elimination, decreases excessive mental activity, increases clarity, contentment, sense of security, and inner strength.

Reiki is now being used in hospitals, medical and holistic centers, hospice centers, health fairs, yoga studios, spiritual centers, and homes for people, animals, plants, and everything. Reiki helps reduce negative side effects from things like Chemotherapy, surgery, and invasive procedures. Reiki can shorten healing time, reduce or eliminate pain, reduce stress, and help create optimism. Reiki is complementary to any healthcare modality. Reiki can never cause harm because it is guided by universal spiritual wisdom or sometimes called god consciousness and will adjust itself to the client’s needs no matter where the practitioner has their hands

DISTANCE REIKI THERAPY- on the phone, video chat is available but not necessary.  $30

SHAMANIC REIKI THERAPY with SOUND HEALING THERAPY- SHAMANIC REIKI with the use of sound to balance life force energy with tuning forks, singing bowls, shamanic rattles, and vocal sounds during the session. See Full description under Shamanic Therapies

End of life or Hospice Energetic Clearing for Peaceful Transition- For you or a loved one who is having trouble transitioning out of this life Reiki, Sound Therapy, and Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra can bring them less pain and into a peaceful state of being without using drugs. Preparing the spirit for transition with shamanic practices of clearing energy, and karmas and bringing spirit helpers in to assist in the transition. By donation

Chakra Therapy

What is a Chakra?
Chakras or “wheel of light” in Sanskrit are subtle energy centers or portals between the inner and external worlds. There defined as centers of organization for reception, assimilation, and expression of life force energy for physical and spiritual well-being. They represent aspects of who we are, how and what we think and feel, and our ability to change, grow, and transform.  They are associated with the endocrine and nervous systems and when there is an imbalance in the Chakra system it may cause symptoms in the physical, mental emotional body.

Through each charka we gain a deeper understanding of how we experience life, why we experience it the way we do; how we perceive reality and why; and how we relate to ourselves, others, and society.

Personal Chakra Therapy for Trauma Release– Chakra Therapy is the art of conducting body-oriented psychotherapy using somatic and energetic tools and techniques for healing in the body, mind, and spirit. It utilizes the models of the chakra system and bioenergetic character structures as principle architecture to accomplish these goals. Peals away layers of core problems that create blocks in the chakras that can create further frustration, discomfort, illness, addiction, or dysfunctional behavior. $111

Detoxing your body mind and spirit through the chakras– Program coming soon!

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