Richard A, Williamsville, NY

“After a successful surgery that was very traumatic to my body, I had a shamanic reiki session that was of spiritual and physical healing with Nicole, Chakra Shaman. I can tell you many things however first, you are blessed to even have the opportunity to be supported by her. I doubt there are many people locally or even nationally who haven’t just found natural healing but have been called and obtained 20+ years of practice. My review is that I was blown away by how much she brought into my session. I was comforted by my ancestors, had a spiritual awakening that lasted, and felt an end to the trauma to my body. You are in the right place and will be in the “right hands”. Glad you read my review however you’ll likely wonder “Why did I need one? once you start working with Nicole. ”

Sheila G, Grand Island, NY

I contacted Nicole Petroff to perform a much-needed Shamanic Extraction and Soul Retrieval to begin the process of healing and rebuilding my life after suffering successive traumatic experiences over a long-term period. The experience I had, under Nicole’s professional guidance, was life-changing and too incredible for words. Nicole successfully extracted all the negativity from my aura and reconnected my soul. Thanks to Nicole, my spirit is whole again, the negative energies have been extracted from my aura and I am enjoying the benefits of her powerful abilities. My experience with Nicole was nothing less than amazing. I highly recommend Nicole’s services to anyone on the path to rebuilding their life after experiencing trauma. ” —

Linda Shoemaker Hiller, Williamsville, NY

 I have known Yogini Nicole since the fall of 2010.  After a few private yoga sessions with her I was walking without the cane, that I had been using for two years.  She is truly a healer and the best i have ever worked with.  I also have been to her group classes and she is most knowledgeable in her field.  I have been to mostly restorative, yogic sleep and private sessions, and also experienced her chakra workshops, reiki, and relaxation therapy.  I told her just last week, that she had helped me more than two years I had spent going to physical therapy.  She understands the body and living in the moment, and will bring you back if you try to “future or past trip”.  She has given me gifts for my own yoga practice at home and she gives the gift of hope.  Nicole has journeyed to India and Thailand and is the best yogini personally and professionally.”

Julie Patzwald, Vancouver, Canada “Dear Nicole, Words cannot express how grateful I am to have met you and how meaningful our time together in Thailand was to me. Your calming and loving presence is so healing. You have a natural gift of healing and holding space for people. I have learned so much from you. Thank you for helping me on this healing journey. Thank you for your friendship. I believe in you. I believe in your talent your wholeness, your intelligence, wisdom and ability to inspire people. Much Love”

Michael Brooks​Apopka, FL Nicole,I must thank you, from the bottom of my heart/soul, which is infinite, for all that you have taught and given me. I am truly blessed, and more at peace when being a part of your world. You have carried me over realms that were beyond what I had dreamed. I have seen you touch mine and many other hearts with my own eyes and you may never know how much that means to me. You are an extraordinary teacher, and I love you for that most of all! May my gratitude fall upon your heart during a period of great bliss and joy.​Warm-Bright-White-Healing-Loving-Light I do send and pray.Namaste     

Holistic Stress Management Workshop

Anonymous, NY

“Love the program folder with all the handouts and information. Love the peaceful environment and non-judgemental, no expectation space Yogini Nicole provides. I know more about stress, its triggers and different ways to approach them. I would recommend this workshop to a friend” 

Joe, NY “This is vital learning for all to have to help with stress” 

Jean NY “I loved learning more about stress and how yoga helps with stress and how to control it in my life”

Chakra Therapy for Trauma Release

Olivia O, Buffalo NY

“This class led me to have a broader venerability which is something i struggle with. Also greater understanding of patterns i do in recent actions, feelings and responses I ever had never experienced before. Thank you Nicole for being such a great healer teacher.” —

Jenna F Buffalo, NY

“My knowledge was very minimal before this workshop. I feel like i need more time to digest the information presented in the powerpoint. I feel completly different after going through this workshop than i did before coming through the door. Amazing!–

Elizabeth C, Buffalo, NY

“This workshop has left me feeling more filled with compassion and love for self and all beings, less judging of self and others and Empowered! I have aquired new tools for my tool chest i can use when i feeling low or someone else’s low vibration. I am grateful for this workshop. —

Christine B, Buffalo NY

“This class is Great! I like the hands on learning and how to release the stored energy. I am looking forward to implementing the chakra knowledge and learning more. Thank you Nicole! —

Stephanie T, Buffalo NY “I found the physical techniques really practical and will definitely use them.”

Lisa M, Buffalo NY “The Chakra Shaman is very perceptive, very intuitive and provided a Very safe environment to do deep work” 

Claire Buffalo NY “Felt the Intro to Chakra Therapy class to be very intimate and felt safe to fully feel and grow in that lesson. Thank you for all your knowlege and guidance!—

Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra/ Yoga Nidra into Shamanic Journey

Tiffany Jadoo Buffalo, NY​

The level of relaxation I can reach with yoga nidra is deeper than I can with other yoga. Nicole is a great teacher, who makes everyone comfortable and welcome. ThanksNicole”

Greg Bravo Kenmore, NY

” With Nicoles guidance i am able to get into a deep relaxation that i am not able to on my own. After practicing yoga nidra i sleep very soundly and wake up feeling refreshed.” ”  

Jill Kashin Amherst, NY​ “I leave Nicole’s yoga nidra class totally weightless and my thoughts free and calm

Carol Greetham​ Very relaxing and calming class, a nice way to end the day and to let go of all the stress and busyness”    
Nadine Rae Leavell “I experienced my first Yoga Nidra session this evening. Oh.My.Goodness. Relaxing but energizing. Grounding but metaphysical. And Nicole is a wonderful teacher. Try some…you’ll love it! ”  

Discover Your Chakra Workshop

Anonymous2, NY “The Chakra Shaman, helped me release a lot of energy that was no longer serving me. I feel refreshed renewed, and full of love after her Discover the Chakras class, and cannot wait to explore further” …
Anonymous3, NY “I was not expecting, to release so much emotions the way i did and how healing it can be to learn about your chakras” …
Anonymous4, NY “Come and learn about yourself and others in this truly fulfilling class about your chakras, deepened the quality of life with the Chakras Shamans kind guidance and exposure to lots of information”

Other Chakra Workshops

Sara Schultz, East Amherst, NY “I enjoyed this workshop for the expertise that was brought in but most of all for the genuine warmth and interest that our teachers had for us. This was a very rich experience because it was made personal without overly focusing on each individual. It was wonderful to experience different balancing techniques using everything from yoga to art. There was an environment of acceptance and openness that is very special!”

Annemarie Naples, Buffalo NY
“Connecting with Nicole and Chandra rekindled my work with knowledge of the Chakras. They’re in depth experiences, integrity and sensitivity enhanced my journey. I loved every moment and look forward to every class.”

Nick Matthis From Portland, OR “Life changing healing and empowering on every level…The workshop introduced me to a framework for understanding how I move through the universe and how the universe moves through me.” 

Lou Lou from Madrid, Spain

“Amazing Experience, it has helped me to become more aware of myself and my emotions, and know where they are come from and how to deal with them. Thank You both lovely ladies for being part of my journey. Namaste!” 

Dennis Sobotka Amherst, NY This class provided new knowledge on the chakra energy centers which most of us have no awareness or understanding of. Their multidimensional teaching approach is exceptional, combined with your own interactive involvement to master this important life time practice. Well worth attending! “

Olga Mendez Buffalo, NY“Nicole and Chandra have a tremendous knowledge of the chakras; their class opened my eyes and made me aware of the connection between the way I was feeling and the way I was living my life from a more holistic perspective. They gave great advice and numerous ways to balance one’s own chakras to help live a better life.”

Becky Morrmen Buffalo, NY “If you ever wondered what the chakras are and how they function in your body this is the workshop for you! Enjoy self exploration in a safe encouraging environment.

Emily Vaccorro Buffalo, NY ​ This is a very interesting and informative workshop. The instructors seem to be very knowledgeable and eager to teach. I definitely recommend it.

Yoga Reviews

Maureen Hopkins, Tonawanda, NY

“You were the one who piqued my interest in yoga and were largely responsible for me even trying it again after many, many years. Your accepting, non-judgmental, soothing, tone and approach gave me permission to keep plugging away and practicing despite my age and unfamiliarity and now i am hooked. I will give some thought on my next steps but i really wanted to reach out to you to let you know how much i really appreciated you and your class, Thank You so much. “

Christine Shriver Buffalo, NY

“Greetings Dear Yogini Nicole,The experience I had with your workshop intensive really opened my mind to a whole new light..only after the first day I felt my body was ready to relearn something it had nearly forgotten and I reconnected to the higher self-body mind (pure consciousness) I realized it is truly everything awesome that they say.Thank You for sharing your great wealth of knowledge with me..your classes were very inspiring an I have started a routine of my own..(well time will so be well as well and shine,shine,shine!” ……….    

Jason Beaudreau Buffalo, NY

“Yogini Nicole is a dedicated, passionate teacher of Yoga. It became evident early on that she has made her practice a Way of Life. As an instructor, she is knowledgeable, kind, gentle, intuitive, and shows a genuine concern for her students. Her approach to her own practice and that of her students is very holistic in terms of encompassing and cultivating the different aspects of yoga. Any person interested in studying a deep, organic yogic practice, should consider Yogini Nicole.”                                                                                                                                             

Susan Persico Buffalo, NY

“Nicole approaches yoga as a spiritual practice, not just physical exercise. The emphasis on breathing, acceptance of difficulties of the poses with no attachment to outcome, closing relaxation and meditation demonstrate just what yoga is: a means to discover your higher self. I find that yoga centers and calms me, and gives me a more balanced perspective on life. I really have come to rely on its benefits!! ”          

Michael BrooksApopka, FL “Nicole,Ooo bless you! You are such a sweetheart to me !:) I do thank you for all your efforts, and empathy you have put forth in helping me. My pain has tamed down quite a bit “Now”. I could NEVER find a Yoga Instructor quite like you down here in Florida. You are so unique, and I do so cherish the connection we have. You have led me to the Realization of learning more Hatha yoga before I progress any further in my Kriya meditations. Atoms of my extra oxygen transmute into prana current when I perform Kriya yoga. This process rejuvenates my brain and spinal centers, but at the same time creates enormous amounts of energy currents throughout my body that I couldn’t handle anymore!! I feel strongly that Hatha yoga and your Sampoorna yoga will prepare my body considerably for what I am going through. I could never thank you enough my dear yogini!​Namaste,