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Ancestral Healing Journey- Part 3

After a Spirit fest I rented a car for the next part of my ancestral healing journey. It was my first time driving on the left side of the road in right side of a car.  Was a bit nervous about doing so, quickly got the hang of it. I spent couple of days in Bedford England doing my research and my biological family line. Spent time in the Bedfordhire Archives looking at old records. I’m more interested in tracing backwards with ancestors than finding new family members who are alive. Honestly I have enough biological family in the States that are fairly new to me to get to know better. I was more interested in finding out about who came before me and the influence it may have had on me and future generations vs adopted family who raised me. It’s been so interesting to find what things about myself a learned, biological or things have been passed down from generations.

IMG_20190823_134915792_HDRWith keeping my intention of ancestral healing of issues that have been passed down, I continued to develop more of an understanding of who my ancestors we’re. I tried to find exactly where some lived but the archives on area where the lived doesn’t keep that info.  I was able to find the grave site of several family members of my biological family even some back from the 1700s. I visited the graves and conducted a little ceremony for the whole family on material grandfather line at first, then as well as my paternal side at second cemetery I went to. At the first cemetery there where two family members who were buried. I called family members into ceremony for the intention of letting go and healing abuses and traumas from family lines. I asked them to give me a sign that they are here and how many are. I sneezed 4 times in a row, then three. I haven’t sneezed like that at all since being in the UK. I sensed their presence strongly. Went though each chakra asking them to think of any shocks, abuses relating to such in their lives and allow me to take it and blow it out in a balloon. I then blew up the balloon with the issues and a lot coming through. Then I released the balloon and the energy from the family line. I felt so much come up with this lots of feeling sensations and emotion for the rest of the day. I did more things in the ceremony during a trance like state as well. I also left a feathers that came to me on this trip and a tea light and burned sage at the grave sites. I did a similar ceremony at the second cemetery I went to, with 4 members of the family buried their. That makes 7, had no idea I would find that many family members. They might not be direct ancestors, more like aunt’s, uncle’s from several 4-7 generations back but got a sense that didn’t really matter. They were grateful I was taking the time to do this and looking into who they were. 

After leaving Bedfordhire area I headed to Bury St Edmonds, Ely where I been before the first trip to the UK as a teenager. Then to rollright stone circle. An ancient stone circle several thousand years old believed to be used for ceremonies and may still today. IMG_20190824_171600788_HDR

Then to Liverpool to visit an old friend I haven’t seen in a long time and had major catching up to do.