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The act of balancing on one foot in yoga class can inspire balance in the rest of our lives. While the breath and a focal point of concentration can assist us in posture, it’s the mind that really must let go of a particular outcome for balance on a deeper level, to occur. While in posture if we let go of judgments, condemning of self, and staying present accepting what is happening in that moment, weather it be wobbling from side to side or falling over. Letting go of any expectations to stay on one foot, two feet or falling over, just acceptance on where you are at. Noticing if your competitive ego nature is comparing yourself to others and just coming back to where you are at and going more inward to create the balance.

These balancing concepts that I bring up in my yoga classes has a deeper lesson that can be applied off the mat and in our lives. Lets break it down. Letting go and accepting, careful not to judge or condemn self or others, staying present, going inward, creating ease, wobbling from side to side, finding balance.

Are you noticing in that balance posture or in other areas of life that you condemn or judge the self or compare or judge others? Going more inward after noticing this you may find that perhaps the condemning of self and comparing to others is coming from not loving the self and the “other” is just allowing you to see it. Wobbling from side to side in posture just like, on the scale of emotion and energy is part of the process. After all how would we know what balance is unless we experienced both ends of the scale. Acceptance on where you are at, balanced or not, wobbly or not, present or not, attached or not, suffering or not. Practicing being a little easier on yourself by accepting the self will create ease and more enjoyment in your yoga practice and in your life. 

Underneath these balancing concepts is perception and letting go. The act of letting go of attachments and attachments to particular outcomes takes surrendering that everything is happening the way its suppose to happen for reasons and lessons to learn and also, trusting in that its all happening perfectly. Surrendering and letting go takes great faith and being present instead of fearing the unknowns of the future or fearing letting go of the past. Life is in the present moment and when we are not in the present we are missing out on life and will suffer.

With my own experience of observing myself to create balance in my thoughts, emotions and perceptions I noticed several things. I knew from deep inside there was energy shifts occurring within me and my relationship to others and the environment. I was able to sense and feel when I was out of balance and could either suffer or not. I knew that when I am in a state of illusion of who I really am, that I am vibrating at a different frequency. For instance if I am being clouded by trying to get sense gratification, material gain, and start to identify the self as the physical body, actions, thoughts that create lopsided perceptions and false beliefs, I suffer. When I was in a place of BEING LOVE and feeling Love, peace, balanced I am more intuitive, clairvoyant, and more aware of energy, vibrations around me, and instantly I become more compassionate, empathic, forgiving, loving, generous.

I also realized that from studying laws of attraction, I was trying to be more positive, think positively or doing what always feels good to manifest things in my life. This way of thinking felt incomplete like there was something missing and it had unbalanced me. It felt like I was denying or pushing everything else that wasn’t positive away. Sometimes I felt like I was denying a part of myself as I pushed it away. Other times I couldn’t see the positives and only saw the negatives and it was very hard to let it go when I was in that place. I found myself shifting from extremes of being positive and then being negative and also creating false beliefs. I only felt balanced when I was meditating or after I had completed a yoga class. I began to question if i was using my yoga practice as a crutch or becoming attached to it to bring me balance without looking at how to create balance by itself. I was at a crossroad in my practice and wasn’t sure how to approach this within myself.

I know from my scripture study and study of the world around me that we get false beliefs and lopsided perceptions from filtering everything through our value system and our senses, then we label it and categorize things as positive or negative according to our value system, creating duality. That value system is based on our programming that we have been put under from ancestors, society, authority figures, media around us. The part of the mind that determines something is good or bad is based on what we hold the highest or lowest value in our lives. For an example, we label things as positive when it supports something high on the value scale and we become attracted to it. We label things as negative when something challenges our value system, or supports our lowest values on the scale and may have resentment towards it. In relationships we compare others to our fantasy we created based on our values, expectations and perceptions and programming we were put under. Instead of just accepting the person for who they really are we compare them to our fantasy and value system and then label, categorize them and put expectations on them, based on the fantasy of illusion and lies. Balance comes from being in the middle, neither repelled or attracted, but being neutral. When we are balanced we can shine our true nature, LOVE.

That feeling of being at a crossroads in my practice came to an end when I found the quantum collapse process written about in “The Breakthrough Experience” combined with the knowledge from Yoga philosophy, Buddhist traditions and authors like Wayne Dyer, Louis Hay, Ester & Jerry Hicks had changed my perception and my life to create and sustain balance when the pressures of living on earth in the United States society may get to me. The concept of creating balance with changing perceptions and thoughts can change your life. Breaking through the habitual patterns of using lopsided perceptions and limiting beliefs was really the experience that i needed to create long lasting balance in my life. When we are in balance with our thoughts, emotions, energy centers (charkas) we can shine our true nature (Devine LOVE & LIGHT) to the world.

Dr John Demartini explains how we can breakthrough the barriers like lopsided sensory perceptions that prevent our true nature LOVE from shining and enlightenment from occurring in his book “The Breakthrough Experience”. This book and the Quantum Collapse process works well with the yoga practice in creating balance in perception and healing of relationships to coming back to being LOVE expressing in a state of Gratitude. Below are some excerpts from his book:

If we are all light the why are we so often confused and how did we forget our enlightened nature? The answer is Lopsided sensory perceptions.

Have you ever thought when I get this car, house, job or relationship life will be better? Most people think that when they get something else, life will get better, but that kind of thinking only transforms the positives and negatives into new forms. Im not saying you shouldn’t seek, but if you think something will give you more positives than negatives your living in illusion.

We need the balance of support and challenge of positive and negative feedback, to grow and evolve. We have a lower, mortal nature that wants to have it all nice, sweet supportive and pleasurable, but in reality we attract the other side to keep us balanced and on track. We’re in illusion that we want one sidedness, but in our search for the monopole we find the balance of duality. The degree to which we appreciate both sides and embrace life is the degree to which we become enlightened.

If you run your life thinking that you’ll have pleasure without pain, your setting yourself up for the very pain you seek to avoid. When you don’t see the perfection of where you are, you take the pure energy of inspiration and dissipate it in emotional reactions. You swing back and forth between Im happy, Im sad, im happy, Im sad. Or in a relationship, Im attracted, im repelled, I like you, I dislike you, I cant be away from you, I cant live with you.

When you’re in the illusion of one sided positive and negative experience you automatically attract the opposite side to balance you. When you acknowledge life’s perfection by embracing both of its sides you experience unconditional love.

Everything you do good or bad, positive or negative serves to teach you about love. When you give yourself permission to be fully human, you approach the divine. But there are beliefs and misunderstanding that keep you form appreciating divinity in every aspect of yourself and the world.

Anytime you perceive a positive without a negative you’re drawn into a positive emotion; whenever you perceive a negative without a positive you’re drawn into a negative emotion and both are lower frequency states that dissipate your potential and run your life. Right in the middle between positive and negative emotions between like and dislike is the core of human experience and its nothing other than Love. True love is a synthesis of two aspects of one wave and one full wave is light, which can also be called Love. Love is a full quantum state. Physicists know that a full quantum state is mass-less, charge-less, space-less and timeless which by definition is spiritual and unconditional.

Ultimately life is not meant to be only positive or negative happy or sad, but to be expressed with balanced expression of love and wisdom. Wisdom is the instantaneous recognition that crises is blessing. Love is the automotive instantaneous recognition that crises is blessing and love is the automatic instantaneous expression of the two sides of life. You express either pure unconditional love when you acknowledge the balance, or conditional love when you acknowledge the imbalance. Either your center in a state of love which feels most purposeful here on Earth or you go of on emotional tangents to gain wisdom about what you haven’t yet loved. You cant blow it. There are no mistakes. Tangents aren’t detours, only reminder of how to grow in love.

When two complementary particles or those with equal but opposite charges spins, and masses are brought together they annihilate each other and birth light. In human consciousness when two complementary emotions or those with equal but opposite charges (such as elation and depression or happiness and sadness) spin (forward and backward in time) and masses (burdening emotional distractions) are brought together and synthesized into perfect balance, the emotions annihilate each other and birth the feeling of love and light. Light and love are two aspects of the same phenomenon. All positive and negative particle in the universe are created simultaneously in perfect one to one balance, but your senses mis-perceive local imbalances and can mislead you. Every time you splinter yourself into positive and negative emotions you scatter your light dissipate your energy potential and disempowered your true and centered being. In this way you separate yourself into past and future and your no longer being present. When you bring your perceptions back into balance and become aware of how things truly are you reverse the process. The past and future disappear in an all encompassing state of loving presence. In the state of love, extraordinary things can happen.

Your not here to be one-side being, you’re here to embrace both sides of yourself. When you try to be one-sided you expect other people to be the same, and when they aren’t you get angry with yourself, them or the world. We’re here to be whole beings and positive and negative are the two sides to teach us that.

Life is like a big play and whatever role we most resist is the one we get to act in next. We draw in those things to teach us to love ourselves and the world. Were not her to judge or be positive or negative thinkers were here to be Love that embraces both sides.

If your honest your see that you both saint and sinner, virtuous and vicious. So when someone accuses you of something don’t waste time defending yourself. Instead admit that you are not in fact possessor of whatever it is they’re attacking you for. Not only are you possessor but they are, too, and they’re judging themselves: that’s why they’re accusing you. If it hurts to hear it, that means you haven’t seen how that quality serves you or others and your judging yourself. Their gift to you is to wake you up to another part of yourself that you haven’t’ yet loved.

Anytime you experience a future or past emotion, you dissipate your potential energy into kinetic motion. But in a state of presence and love your reintegrate your kinetic energy and birth a new quantum of creative potential.

When you love yourself people cant push your buttons, but they will automatically attach you in whatever area you attack yourself.

Gratitude is the key that opens the gateway of the heart and allows the unified field theory of love to fill your life. Gratitude makes you present with whatever your doing. You are not here to run from away from sadness to happiness, because fulfillment is not possible when you deny half of your existence. Either side alone is only half fulfillment. Something grand and far beyond either of those fleeting emotional states is available to you. This book is not about the myth of happiness; its about the truth of balanced perception that brings you back to love.