Poetry, Relationships, Spirituality

The Spell

Tried so hard to turn that spell into practice of nonattachment
Instead it turned into a practice of detachment
Tears of grief as I fall asleep to dream of you
As the alarm goes off
Im waking up with you in my arms
Tears of reality arise as the dream flies
A desire to go back asleep to connect with you
Since you are not ready to awaken as I am, with you

We have much more to offer eachother
You know its true
I am ready to take this ride
With a loved one by my side
Will it be you
Something I was not able to say, until I met you
It took this whole lifetime to find you
And a few days to possibly have lost you

Whatever happened to those words you have said
Are they still echoing in your head
Words so heart felt, cannot be forgotten or misread
Responded with related words with heart wide open

Trusted you with my soul
So I showed you my whole
A glimpse of our true self in our mirror
Only for fear to frost our mirror
With mine defrosted so I can see
Acceptance of the now is the key

Fear is what blinded our eyes
Fear is what came to our demise
Fear of unknowns of the future
Fear of letting go of the past
Fear of being present

Acceptance of that presence
A present of your presence I have received
Forever grateful I will be
I have not loved as I have with thee