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Traveling Yogini Adventures Part 3

In part one i mentioned the quote “What you get by reaching your destination is not nearly as important as what you will become by reaching your destination” and questioned how we change when we travel. Its inevitable that when we travel, especially to different countries, that it changes us in some way. When we… Continue reading Traveling Yogini Adventures Part 3

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The act of balancing on one foot in yoga class can inspire balance in the rest of our lives. While the breath and a focal point of concentration can assist us in posture, it’s the mind that really must let go of a particular outcome for balance on a deeper level, to occur. While in posture… Continue reading A BALANCING ACT

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Spiritual Shifts & Relationships

by Neva J Howell Relationship Struggles in the Acceleration Process - It is an interesting phenomenon in spiritual acceleration....when we shift consciousness, it affects everything and everyone around us. Since spiritual awakening can sometimes be a sudden shift in consciousness and perspective, we may not understand how completely and irrevocably the old paradigm is gone… Continue reading Spiritual Shifts & Relationships