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Traveling Yogini Adventures Part 3

In part one i mentioned the quote “What you get by reaching your destination is not nearly as important as what you will become by reaching your destination” and questioned how we change when we travel. Its inevitable that when we travel, especially to different countries, that it changes us in some way. When we… Continue reading Traveling Yogini Adventures Part 3

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Love is my Religion

LOVE IS MY RELIGION By: Nicole Petroff Yes I declared myself a worshiper of LOVE. Love is my religion. When thinking about the concept of having love as a religion, I realized it shouldn’t be like any other organized religion. This religion has no rules, no specific places to worship, no specific god or people… Continue reading Love is my Religion

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Attachments & School of Life

Attachments & the School of Life by Lura Genz, ourinnersource. com Life can be compared to an enormous multileveled structure – a school-house filled with countless classrooms. Each classroom represents an intention - either acted upon or not acted upon. Some of the life lessons taught, and often re-taught, are mind-numbingly repetitive in nature. It… Continue reading Attachments & School of Life

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Cutting the Cords that Bind You

by Ayal We all know when someone is gazing at us - we get a sense that some energy emanations have been directed our way. We feel the energetic vibrations and we know when something or someone has connected with us in some way. We are all telepathic, although some have become more conscious of… Continue reading Cutting the Cords that Bind You