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Traveling Yogini Adventures part 1

On Dec 27th i left the Buffalo NY area on an adventure. An an adventure that would take me to exotic places that have breathtaking views of earths natural beauty. To places within myself and my yoga practice that i may not have seen otherwise. To sharing the teachings of yoga and holistic healing to travelers from all over the world. Over the next couple of months i will be sharing my journey with all of you.

My journey starts with a bus ride from Buffalo NY to Louisville KY for a couple days and then a bus ride to NYC for one evening and then Jan 1st fly to Koh Yao Noi island of Thailand for about 3 weeks with stops in London, New Delhi, Bangkok, Phuket. Perhaps i will do some island hopping in Thailand. May spend 3 weeks in Thailand and 3 weeks in India. In Koh Yao Noi i will be teaching yoga, workshops and doing healing work at a few resorts, spas and adventure yoga studio Island Yoga. Then spend a couple of days in Bangkok before flying out to India where i will spend a couple of weeks then back to USA. Of course this is all subject to change and going with the flow with not much planning.

First part of adventure was taking a greyhound bus to Louisville KY to do a exchange of services, healing work for NLP techniques. I see how the re-framing techniques that i learned from Brad Reichart Master NLP Practitioner will be very useful in the work that i do with others. It is about bringing a state where there is limiting beliefs, not useful or something you want to change to the surface then feeling the opposite and combining them to find the balance. Its another tool that can be used to find the balance between extremes like which i talked about in blog entry A Balancing Act. Remembering to practice this technique will be very useful. My time in KY was short, and much healing was started but was not yet completed. A warm love of Sunny shined so brightly through the darkness that it made the whole trip worthwhile even though my work felt incomplete. If you are reading this i am sending you the amazing energy of this paradise island to you and your family and that you find your paradise in eachother.

On Dec 30th i left for a 19hr trip to NYC Brookyln area where i spent New Years Eve. On that 19hr trip i got to talking with people about where i was going and what i do and had so many great conversations on spirituality, holistic healing, relationships, diet, you name it. Seeing these peoples reactions helped me realize what an amazing person that i am just being who i am. They said they saw that i was at peace with myself, they saw that i was intelligent, caring, giving, gentle, beautiful women and said the man who had my heart is a very very lucky man.

I arrived in NYC about 530am Dec 31st and got through the subway with my suitcase to a old friend/neighbors house in Brookyln. As i walked a few blocks down to his house four people said good morning to me. This neighborhood reminded me of my home city Buffalo the houses styles, trees and friendliness. My friend picked that area to live in because it was so much like Buffalo. Had a great time walking around the waterfront on a warm day for new years eve. I was pretty tired from the bus ride and had to get up at 4am to get to the airport so we celebrated the new year with a Kirtan Jam and dinner. Thanks Doug.

The journey from Brookyln to Newark NJ airport was an adventure. NY Subway to NJ train where i sat next to a man who was meeting with this group of spiritual people once a month and they work on things like psychic development, seeing auras, energy healing, meditation and more with a sort of guru. After a short conversation with him on what i do he asked me to come to the group when i get back, he thinks i have a lot to offer the group and vice versa. How interesting i was attracted to sitting next to this person on a 30 min train ride.I made it just on time to the airport to board the plane at 730am.

The journey to Thailand from NY was interesting. Virgin Airlines is wonderful great food, lots of leg room, friendly staff, and a travel care package, personalized entertainment systems with movies, games, music, tv made the time go by fast. If i had to do it all over i would have stayed with one airline the whole trip. Changing airlines in a foreign country that you are only flying through to get to another country was a nightmare in New Delhi. New Delhi was the most unorganized and not traveler friendly airport ever. The staff was very helpful to me though so helpful that one staff member walked away with my passport. I panicked for a moment, the man seemed to have disappeared in the sea of Indian people. I got my passport back though and flew on Air India to Bangkok. The flight leaving New Delhi to Bangkok was delayed 3 hrs and the airline gave all of us food while we were waiting and food on the plane. That is great, and unheard of in the States.

Arrived in Bangkok late and just took a taxi to the hotel where i slept only a few hrs then went back to the airport and took a flight on Air Asia to Phuket just after sun rise. Didnt see much of Bangkok yet, just near the airport and the airport itself. Then from Phuket i took a taxi to the pier where i got on a boat to Koh Yao Noi island. One of the first things i saw that was different about Thailand way of life was driving on the left side of the road, shower is in the same area as toilet no wall separating them, you dont flush toliet paper, and you take your shoes off pretty much everywhere, most people get around by moterbikes on the island.

The boat ride to the island from Phuket was breathtaking views and just continued once i got to the island. I took some photos and posted them to my facebook page take a look.

Part two will continue with adventures on Koh Yao Noi Island. Life as a yogi on the island with new friends from all over the world at Island Yoga, Paradise Island Resort and Six Sense Spa, Mountain Climbing, Kayaking, Buddha Beach hiking, and riding a moped for the first time. Experienced travelers to Asia i have met say that this Koh Yao Noi is Thailand best kept secret where its natural state still exists and tourist development hasn’t been taken over the island like some of the other islands.

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