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Buyer Beware-The Dilemma of the Educated Consumer Part 2

In Part 1, I talked about the programing that is running the way that we live and how being an educated consumer can bring a lot of fear based energy of “toxins” in our food, body and the environment.  I had posed the questions of how we can be a balanced educated consumer and be healthy. Is it possible to change how our body reacts to food or toxins with out thoughts and emotions when we have past conditioning or programing with that food or toxin? I also have some videos in this blog and my business website under Educated Consumer Videos. I have added some Wayne Dyer and Abraham Hicks videos to this to balance the fear based energy coming from some of the other videos.

How can we become a balanced educated consumer instead of a fear based educated consumer? First we must look at balance.

In a previous post  “A BALANCING ACT” balance in our lives is pondered over so i am not going to go into great detail in this post. Balance means going beyond duality and our lopsided perceptions of likes and dislikes positive or negative and between extremes ends of emotions. Taking the middle path. “Right in the middle between positive and negative emotions between like and dislike is the core of human experience and its nothing other than Love” Dr John Demartini

I know from my scripture study and study of the world around me that we get false beliefs and lopsided perceptions from filtering everything through our senses, then we label it and categorize things as positive or negative according to our value system, creating duality. That value system is based on our programming that we have been put under from or culture, ancestors, society, authority figures, media around us. The part of the mind that determines something is good or bad is based on what we hold the highest or lowest value in our lives. For an example, we label things as positive when it supports something high on the value scale and we become attracted to it. We label things as negative when something challenges our value system, or supports our lowest values on the scale and may have resentment towards it. The problem is that our value system is based on the programing we have been put under that is talked about in Part 1.

In bringing balance into being an educated consumer we must be willing to be a conscious person and look at the programing we have been put under, how it determines our decisions we are making. Looking at how it brings duality of likes and dislikes or positive and negative into our lives. Also looking at our emotional psychological patterns and past experiences we have with not being a conscious consumer. Looking at how we can bring ourselves in the middle of those extremes to find the balance of Love and connection to our true nature and the Divine.

Gabriel Cousins book on Conscious Eating says it beautifully “To create a healthy diet one needs to understand more than simply food, one needs also to understand ones physical, psychological and spiritual self. It is important to have a template of conscious living that establishes food choices in their proper perspective in the context of Divine communication with prayer/mediation, love, wisdom, right companionship, and love and respect oneself, others, Mother Nature and all of Gods creation. This means not living to eat or eating to live, but eating to enhance one’s communication with the Divine”

Gabriel Cousins line “Not living to eat or eating to live but eating to enhance one’s communication with the Divine” is such a powerful statement. We find two opposites, eating to live, and living to eat and then the middle path that creates balance eating to enhance ones communication with the divine. Making choices as a consumer on buying things that are loving and respecting oneself, others, Mother Nature and all of Gods Creations. Do we know how do that?  I am struggling with it because of the deeply held impressions society has programed within me, is everywhere. Its even in the calendar, all the holidays that are just a way to get us to buy things to keep the economy going. Its social-economics and greed instead of love and respecting oneself and others and Mother Nature.

Many of us are so disconnected to nature and what mother nature has given us for food and it shows in our poor health. Everything outside of the produce section is not in its natural form and what mother nature gave us. Majority of the things outside of the produce section are man made processed, preserved, pasteurized dead foods which do not have the same quality of quantity of nutrients that the original form that mother nature has given us. The more we eat these man made foods the more mal-nourished, imbalanced and sick we become.

Eating food appropriate to ones individual needs is a means of extracting energy from our environment in a harmonious way. In today’s world of fast foods, food irradiation, processed or preserved foods the relationship to food has become confused and degenerate. Many of us disconnected to nature perceive these foods as what mother nature has given us. Therefore eating the natural way, the way mother nature has given us becomes old fashioned or strange. (Cousins)

The disease that unnatural diet causes are so rampant that they are thought to be an inevitable part of life. This is not the case. Western medicine approaches this problem in concluded ways and continues to spend billions of dollars developing technologies to treat the symptoms instead of the cause while continuing to bang its and our heads against the wall. The one who choose to stop banging their head against the wall by giving up destructive food habits is often ridiculed. (Cousins)

“Our culture has become so upside down that one who chooses to heal and maintain good health with diet that brings them into harmony with nature is considered idealist or extremist or rather than practical or appropriate” Gabriel Cousins.

After having some conversations about all of this with some friends we began to realize how disconnected to nature humans in this society have become. We dont know what mother nature has given us or what people of power and ego has made. We would rather listen to what others at telling us to buy, than to listen to nature. It seems to be easy to be a product of manipulation against nature than to live with nature.

Most of us dont know how to grow our own food to sustain ourselves. Most of us dont eat seasonally or locally. We eat dead, petrified, radiated, old, preserved, processed, molecular changed food and dont realize what it is doing to us. Most of us dont look at other wild animals in nature as a part of us and we are all connected. We dont learn from other animals in nature. For example other animals do not drink other species of milk when their mom stops lactating, its just not natural. Mother nature gives the mammals moms milk until a certain age and then its not needed in the child anymore. Most of us does not see how everything is connected and everything has an energy and vibration to it and it can be felt if we pay attention. I can go on and on.

The point is that we have become so programed that we have lost touch with nature, with what mother earth, divine/god has given us. One can argue that the processed foods etc are made from what the earth has given us. However it is not in the same structure of what mother earth as given us. We have modified what the perfect food of what mother nature has given us and made it to something less than perfect and sometimes to be hazardous food.

Think about it, if man had not interfered so much with the earth digging into it to find substances that perhaps we were not meant to handle then their wouldn’t be as many toxins or hazardous materials for us to be exposed to. We have gone to places deep into the earth for oil, or radioactive materials etc… for materials that had a reason and purpose for being deep in the earth.  Who are we to interfere with that reason and purpose. Perhaps those substances are not meant for our handling that’s why they were so deep into the earth and why we have harmful reactions to them. Perhaps these materials of the earth that we have dug so deep to get are the organs or the blood of the earth and without them the earth, is getting sick.

It makes me wonder if all the health problems humans are having is just a result of our collective interference. If we are really all connected to all beings on earth it makes me wounder if we all have some karma scars on our soul for our interference. Perhaps healing those scars means living with nature, instead of interfering and abusing it, living a greener lifestyle instead of the status quo of consumption and disconnection.

In conclusion, being a balanced educated consumer seems to mean making choices on what you buy based on living in harmony with nature instead of what man has done to nature. It means finding the middle path between the extremes of duality that the programing brings us, between healthy and toxic, between likes and dislikes or positive and negative we find love. Moving toward the love we find balance, health, contentment, nutrients. Move away from love we find imbalances, illness and fear.

Part 3 i will look at if its possible to change how our body reacts to food when we have past conditioning and programing with that food.


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