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Resting in Love

Resting In Love
by Yael and Doug Powell

Message from God – Beloved ones, My precious heart, I call you now to rest in Me, to open your lives to the truth of this Love and to the ecstatic joy of giving. How I wish that I could truly show you how deeply the ego has reversed the truth of Love and in how many ways it turns everything into getting something for itself..

Even this joy that you are meant to have in Me and this great and glorious peace, it manages to keep turning into something that you must strive to achieve, when in truth, dear ones, it is your inheritance. It is as much a part of you as the very breath you breathe, that one glorious breath of the living cosmos. The fact of taking Love in from Me each Now Moment, into your Twin Flame heart of mine, and giving it forth continuously is as natural as breathing..

But I cannot explain the joy of giving to the ego mind at all for it will take it in and turn it around in some uniquely creative way. But I can show you in the depths of your heart what it means to live to give, and to allow the little self to fall away completely in this glorious flow of Love that is ever and always moving outward to bless and to transcend anything that causes separation or interferes with Love at all..

Thus, I must call you again and again to return to this Love and its true flow which is giving all that you are in service to Love as the surrendered heart of God. If it is a world of only Love that calls you in your heart, then, dearest ones, the key to this world is to give everything you are in service to this Love as it appears in all things. Releasing the ego’s dream of a separate world in which it can gain things for itself, allow Me to live life in the world as you and to truly be your Twin Flame heart, the great cauldron of ecstatic joy that comes out of giving all that you are..

So the peace that passes all understanding is the peace that is beyond the ego mind, for the ego mind cannot comprehend it, that true joy comes from giving all that you are in service to Love. But you, beloved ones, you know this. And you know the pure truth of who you are because you find it in your heart when you open to Me and allow Me to be that living service to Love as it appears in the world as you..

What does it mean to give your all to Love and to see only Love before you, because you already know that if you see other than Love you are recreating the world of duality right then and there? So if you see only Love it means living from your heart. This, dearest ones, can be your guide. When you look at the world before you, whatever it is that is appearing, do you see only Love standing there? If you do, you are living from your heart. If you do not, you are living from your ego. I promise you that Love mends all rifts, transcends all limitation and transforms the world of duality and separation into a glorious unified worship of the living Love we share..

How will you know when you truly are living this? When this Love has reclaimed your heart and when your heart’s great perception, its awareness as this living instrument is the instrument of the totality of your perception? You will know through the joy in your heart and by our clear relationship and My guidance. As you surrender the things that the ego mind desires and you surrender those things it is attached to, you become free and open as a living conduit of Light and your heart becomes the instrument of your experience. You will see only Love everywhere you look..

True Love is a glorious feeling of the heart. It isn’t a decision of the ego mind. It rises from within you, from the deepest part of your being and immediately forms the Vertical axis, alive and open to Me and to this Love I Am as it speaks through the truth of your being and as it names the world through your heart. This, My beloved ones, is what I want to speak to you about today..

That which is the heart sees is so different from the ego. What the heart sees is only the unity of Love and the great perfection and joy of giving. It simply does not see what is in it for yourself. Nor does it need to have an evaluation of everything and everyone it encounters. If you are this Love and it is the truth of your very being, then what appears before you as your world will be only Love also..

As you make this shift and see only Love, feel only Love and live for giving, then your experience of life will come into alignment with Love’s very highest vibration and everything around you will come into communion with you through your open heart, and all life is then a celebration of this one limitless Love..

Breathe this Love in, beloved ones, and feel it as the truth of your being. Every step is meant to be a miracle, opening wide the pathways of Love. When you see only with your heart, see only Love, then only Love is also what you are receiving, since as you know, you always receive that which you give. So while it is an important step to understand the ego’s dream and to recognize its machinations, the next step is to choose to see only Love, to know that Love is your great call to giving, that Love, true Love, the one Love, is that which you learn, which you receive..

So let Me ask you to gently re-inform your ego mind and explain to it that anything it wants will come to it measure upon measure if it will give such things first, and trust the law of Love. At first it will rebel and continue to pull you in the old pathways. But the ego dream has its place in your life right now as the anchor for your giving and therefore, will come under the direction of your heart as you allow your heart to be your vehicle and Me to be the center of your world. Not the little mind and ego..

I Am the One circular life and therefore all that is given is always returned, for that which goes out travels around the encompassment, the circle, and returns always to its source multiplied. This law of Love, beloved ones, is understandable to the ego and will bring it into subjugation to the heart..

So as you love even this, even the ego that has tricked you and created the veil of separation, then you elevate it all to the vibration of the heart and to the great flow of the living river which is the giving of My Love to everything, to everyone, to you, beloved ones, for example. When it is received and passed on, it then completes the circle..

When you rest in this Love so completely that you do feel it, connect with it with every in-breath, then Love becomes your experience and the world of separation created by the ego falls away… You recognize that there is only one true resonance and it is the experience of unity of this one God consciousness, energy and heart!